Back in Season

Now you see me
Now you don’t
Today I’m writing
Tomorrow I won’t

But, sooner or later
I’ll come crawling back
Not a threat or a promise
Just a hard fact

Same old story
Same old song
Not a question of “if”
But rather, “how long?”

No real rhyme
No known reasons
To explain why I write
As if I’m a season

~ smj

Once again, my writing has taken a backseat in my life.
Once again, I feel like I have plenty of good reasons for that… family, work, doctors, surgery, recovery, an unexpected death in the family… *sigh* but, deep down I know that all those reasons are also reasons why I should make the time to write. Writing helps me process things. Helps me deal with things. I know this. Ironically, though, I also know that I often feel like I need a break from writing too. I just do. I must, because this has been the way I am for a looooong time. Then again, I noticed when I’m not writing one way, say in this blog, then I’m often writing in a different format, like, on Facebook or for some other causes I’m involved with… or maybe just emailing a lot… I seem to go in spurts on these things too. I also have umpteen poems I started, but didn’t finish…


I give up trying to figure it out… trying to figure me out.
I give up feeling guilty about it… about not writing enough, or not keeping up with my blog, or other people’s blogs.
I give up making promises (to myself or others) about being more regular… or consistent.
I give up whatever expectations I once had when it comes to my writing.
It is what it is.
I write when I write.
I write whatever it is I write.
I am what I am (and all that Popeye jazz).

For now.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring.
And THAT, is exactly my point.


Keep Coming Back, by Haley Reinhart

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8 Comments to “Back in Season”

  1. To place an expectation on a creative process immediately limits your ability to truly appreciate what flows from the combination of sub and conscious thought when in the throws of inspiration. Create it, love it, AND leave it for other awake individuals to use as a mirror into thier own selves.

    • Thank you IS. :-) It’s good to “see”you. So, love em’ AND leave em’, eh? Isn’t that the stuff they write the blues about? Still, I get you & I’ll try to apply it more here… and worry less about if it’s “good enough” or “done”. But, don’t you think there’s some value, though, in writing just for yourself sometimes…. & without the intention of always sharing, or finishing even?

  2. I think we’re all figuring things out and that’s something that never ends. I’m sorry life has been so trying and hectic. *hugs* And I think it’s comforting to think “how long,” like it’s inevitable, when we have that dreaded writer’s block that says never. =)

    • Thank you… Yes, some things never end… except writer’s block. ;)…. and, my trying times. I can feel better days around the corner. Some things, I have to believe are inevitable. Thanks again for the visit and read. =)

  3. Always worth waiting for…peace be with you.

  4. You must follow how you are feeling in your Now moment.. so if sometimes you feel like writing write.. and if not don’t… The thing is to be true to you.. Not in others expectations of you..
    When we are tired our brain often rambles along.. but its also a great release tool… I always found writing my poetry especially when I can not sleep helps ease tension.. and clears the clogged up thoughts… They make sense even though when I put pen to paper I have no idea what will come forth…

    Time heals, and writing is like a muscle.. the more we use it the better it functions..
    Much love Samantha and good to see you back… Like the Spring.. water your seeds of thought and allow them to grow.. xox Sue xxx

    • Thank you, Sue. Very good wise words that I’m taking to heart and appreciate your kindness, as usual. I also love the “writing is a muscle” idea. Makes perfect sense! Take care. <3

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