The Thaw

I wrote this just over three years ago. It remains one of my favorites. I’m looking forward to walking along the creek that inspired it again… hopefully soon. I’m still racing towards tomorrow’s promise of warm waters and smooth stepping stones…

Samantha Mariah Jane

The creek runs high today.
Fast, furious, and fueled by yesterday
as it cast off its shroud of white
which melted into waves
of icy, bitter-sweet waters
carrying once buried transgressions
that waited beside crocuses
for their chance to bloom
and transform into something

The creek runs high today.
Racing towards tomorrow’s promise
of warm waters that glide easily
around smooth stepping stones
where moss can grow
and life can settle
into a peaceful rhythm
that has ebbed from winter
and flows in time to the heart
of summer.

The creek runs high today.
Faster than my thoughts.
Further than my dreams
that lay dormant
frozen still
waiting for the thaw.

~ smj

(this poem was an expansion, continuation, and definite after-thought to the haiku I posted called, “snow fall“. )

Frozen Love, by Buckingham Nicks

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7 Comments to “The Thaw”

  1. Really a perfect poem in so many ways.

  2. Here’s to tomorrow’s promise.. But don’t forget to live in the now, or you may miss the moment.. as you search for tomorrow.. Love and Blessings… and I love your poem.. xxx

    • RIght, Sue… sometimes, it’s easier to dream of tomorrow, or remember yesterday… but, I know it’s a shame to let today slip by too. Thanks for the read and thoughts. =)

  3. Now I see why you like I follow. Yours is a better version. Very visual.

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