March Skies…

Some random shots I took the other day. I went for a drive along the lake and was compelled to stop and take a few pics.   It’s such typical spring weather for March here (Upstate NY), where you can have four seasons in a day…


I also added these to my “Same Sky… Different Day” photo album on my Facebook page… where I have many random sky photos “because I have a hard time not looking up…

~ smj

10 Comments to “March Skies…”

  1. Like the shots of the tree and sky…lovely.

  2. Great pics, there is something majestic and beautiful about trees and sky, even in the starkness of leafless early spring.

    • Hello… and thanks for the visit and comment. Yes, it still surprises me how I can look at the same tree…. stand on the same patch of earth… and yet see a completely new and breathtaking patch of sky. If I could take pictures of the sky at night, I would do that too. I find the starry skies and moon just as captivating, if not more so…

  3. Beautiful! And hello to a fellow New Yorker. =)

  4. love pictures…..very nice….thanks for sharing them

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