Seriously? Write now?

I must be busy.
I must be stressed.
I must feel overwhelmed
and not know where to start.

I must not have time
to do all the things I feel
like I should have time to do
if I could just focus.

I must not have time
to write poems, or journal
about insignificant ramblings
running ramped through my mind.

I definitely don’t have time
for such nonsense now.
I am so busy
accomplishing nothing
that I can’t admit
I must write.

~ smj

Le Tigre – “Keep on Livin'”

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4 Comments to “Seriously? Write now?”

  1. smiles….sometimes a busy life…just brings us back to writing something…to feel that freedom of emptying our thoughts…our hearts…our dreams…nice to see you step back here again too…

  2. Discovering your comment on my blog was incredibly motivating. I’ve been debating ‘how’ to return to this and dragging my feet while considering how to use this platform. Today I returned for a post about the death of Sitting Bull and found your recent comment. It means a lot to me. Thank you so much for your kindness of memory and connection.

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