Here We Go

It’s all coming back to me.

The push and the pull.
The dark and the light.

The way I lose myself,
Whenever I get close.

The need to deny,
That I need approval. 

The involuntary

I like to think I’m a fighter.
Still, you know I will run

In circles around you.

~ smj

Run, Baby, Run”, Sheryl Crow

6 Comments to “Here We Go”

  1. around we go
    so you know
    i m on your side~

  2. “The push and the pull, The dark and the light”
    Words and thoughts I know too well, somehow I am reminded of someone “forgotten” though that soul like your words is eloquent and could never be forgotten, there is a crunch a deeper melancholy to your words and look forward to reading more ….my thought print for the day !

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