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September 30, 2008

Out with the old… well… maybe not all of it.

So, as I had mentioned – we are in the process of cleaning out and purging things in my home.  Or at least trying to.  Sort of too much going on at once, I think – on top of all the usual hustle and bustle. 

We are trying to paint outside.  Also, re-decorating and moving DS1back into his own room again…   giving his little brother his current room.  Basically, they are swapping.  But, this involves ripping down the old Winnie the Pooh wall paper and stuff that they’ve both outgrown, to finally make room for “cool” stuff.  I really hate to see Winnie go….  but, I guess in this house of boys that are getting bigger, I’m the only one who still likes him.  Poor Winnie.  =(

I’m also trying to clean/organize my office.   I emptied out an old closet, where I had shoved a blanket that belonged to my father.  I put it there right after my Dad died years ago.  When I was cleaning on Saturday I found it…  it was like a solid reminder of my Dad, ya know? It was the one my Dad always used – on the couch, in his room, and at the end, in the hospital.  When he passed away, I wasn’t there…  I had finally taken my pregnant self home for a bit of sleep – levaing my brothers with him.  I think, that was what he wanted.  Bright and early on a Sunday morning, my brother called to tell me he had passed away.  I went up to the hospital to see him one last time.  There he was with this blanket…  

After that, my oldest brother had brought the blanket home from the hospital, washed it, and brought it to me – and I told him I didn’t want it. We actually argued about it a bit… and he was insistent that I keep it.  He told me, someday I would want it.  I didn’t believe him at the time… 

I wrote a poem about it yesterday – “The Blanket”.

Imagine that.  My oldest brother being right about something????   LOL ;)

I wonder if I have to admit that to him also??  It totally goes against my little bratty sister image that I still have even after all these years…   ;)


August 28, 2008

Time sure flies in the summertime…

I can’t believe I haven’t writtein since early July..  and that summer is almost over.  Where did August go?  I don’t think I’ve ever had such a short summer.  Sort of sucked.  

Or did it?

Maybe, it just feels that way because we didn’t take any big family vacations like we normally do.  I missed Myrtle Beach… we all did… but, we sure had fun at Disney last March – so, who am I to complain? 

Besides…  I did have my girls weekend…  which was, a blast… and I still have my fake pirate tattoo lingering on my ankle to remind me just how fun it was.  (At least, I’m pretty sure it’s fake!;)  It was different this year…  we learned some new “Do’s and Don’t” for next year.  This was year #16 for me, I think…  It was the first year we finally got my good friend LE to come, and we damn near killed her…  but, I think she’s already counting down to next years trip.  =) 

When I came back to work, I was burried… and my boss said he felt bad he didn’t have time to hear about my vacation.. and maybe later.  I told him no problem.. and that there wasn’t much to tell since what happens in the Islands… STAYS in the Islands.  LOL… Then, I pulled up my pant-leg and showed him my pirate tattoo on my leg.. and said, “A picture is worth a thousand words anyway”.  He laughed. I think he thought it was real…  he seemed a little shocked.  I love shock value. 

And, in spite of work being absolutely unbelievable busy at work- I also took a few days off and did a couple days with my kids in July and Aug.  Went to my in-laws cottage a couple times… my 11 year old had his first camping experience on his own without Dad or mom around.  He didn’t change his clothes for a week… Came home flilthy freaking dirty.. from camp massastinkie… but, he loved it.  We also spent from sun up til sun down at a not so far away big amusement park…  We had a lot of fun with my sis-in-law, her son (my nephew) and one other friend. I am still a big kid at heart…  love those thrill rides…

So, yeah… maybe, I’m full of crap and summer didn’t suck at all.  I just need to slow down at work and take time to appreciate all the wonderful things I did, do, and will do…  Like school starting for my kids… Middle school for my oldest… First grade for my youngest… So, hard to believe on both counts.  Where did my babies go?  I think it’s just the speed of how fast things are happening that bothers me sometimes…

Ahhh… well…  I did also manage to find time to go on my annual little one night sailing/wine tasting excursion with my old friend M…  just the two of us… celebrating our b-days… we’re old now… and we had fun catching up on old times.  It was a beautiful night for sailing… the lake was calm and smooth as glas… the sunset… lovely.   And, the company?  Wonderful. 

You know someone is a good friend when you can NOT see them or talk to them for months… and even though you may have grown in completely opposite directions in life…  but yet, it’s still not awkward in the least when you get together and you have fun….   That’s how M and I are when we finally have time to get together.  Laverne and Shirley forever…

We had a little extra fun that night… sort of unexpectedly befriended an elderly, somewhat insane, but very intelligent and funny as hell, elderly lady.  Not sure how it happened… but she just started talking to us, and we found her endearing… and hilarious.  So, we bought her an ice cream… got talking.  When I asked her what her name was, she said, “Today?”.  Ha!  I loved that.  I’m gonna use that one.  LOL

After a lot of listening and laughing, my friend M and I reluctantly left Mary-for-today when she insisted and assured us she could get home on her own.  We watched her push her wheelchair away (walking behind it)… and thought, she was a feisty old lady.  We figured she must live RIGHT there. My friend and I made our goodbyes and went our separate ways too.  

 But, when I started driving home…  who do I see trying to wheel herself up a fairly large hill on the sidewalk (now sitting IN the chair)?  Our new friend Mary…  so, I pull over… I think, “I can’t leave her like that… I’ll push her home”…. by the time I pulled over, parked and started walking up the hill, who do I see?  My friend M, who also saw Mary and pulled over.  So, we decided to push her home.  We were surprised at how far we pushed her… and then had to walk back to our cars… at 11pm… the doorman at the woman’s building said Mary always goes off on her own… and usually takes a bus back.  Anyway… we might take her out dancing sometime…  “Boopity Boopity Boop!!”

It feels good to type something other than work related emails…  *sigh*…


June 22, 2008

That’s My Boy…

Last night… we decided to have a “family movie night”.  Usually we rent or pick out a movie that both my boys can agree on.  It’s sometimes hard to do with their age differences (11 and 6), but they usually manage to make a compromise and neither of them are that picky.

Last night, my 6 year old wanted to watch Jurrasic Park.  We’ve all seen it but him.  We all try to tell him that it is probably too scary for him, and he probably won’t like it.  The more he hears this, the more he insists he wants to watch it.  I even tried using reverse psychology on him, but, he was on to me.

Yup, he takes after me alright.  Always the quickest way to get my brothers or myself to do anything was to tell us that we couldn’t do it.  LOL

Now, I normally do not have a problem telling my children “no”.  But, last night… I thought to myself; maybe it’s not that bad.. maybe, he really would be fine….  we can always skip thru any really scary parts.

I mean, he’s not like my first son was at his age (who couldn’t watch the wicked witch in any Disney movie at 6 years old without having nightmares for a week).  Unlike my first son, my little one is also a “thrill seeker”…  (like at Disney when he wanted to go on every ride he was tall enough to – even rides my 11 year old wanted no part of).   Plus, he is always trying to keep up with “the big kids”.  And, he does a pretty good job of it.  These are traits I also identify with.  I could relate.  And, I thought – “Maybe he would be fine with this”.

So, against my better judgement I gave in to his pleas and said, “fine.  put Jurassic park in!”.

Well – he was right.  The movie didn’t scare him at all.

He was asleep within the first 10 minutes of it…

Another one of my traits I must have passed down to him…  LOL


March 29, 2008

I woke up this morning to the sound of swearing…

I woke up this morning to the sound of swearing.  Well, first, there was a loud crash… a splash… an “AhhhhhhHHHHH!”… and THEN the swearing.

Too be honest, I was already a bit awake… but trying real hard not to be.  I heard hubby get up, and knew he was running around… getting ready to leave.  He was late, as usual, and so the normal slamming, sighing, and general mumbling was going on.  But, for once I personally did NOT have any big obligations this morning, and after a long hectic week I was planning on savoring just a LITTLE bit of sleeping in for once.  So, no, I wasn’t sleeping, but I wasn’t going to admit it.  I had hopes of going BACK to sleep momentarily – if he’d just leeeeeeave. 

So, there I was…  feigning to be asleep.  Unwilling to deal with HIS problems of getting himself out the door this Saturday morning.  “He can find his OWN socks!”, I thought to myself as I refused to open my eyes.  After all, when is the last time *I* ran around in the morning bumping into walls (loudly!) and expecting HIM to get up and find me something to wear? Like, some underwear that are RIGHT in my drawer?  Or help me find my keys? (that somehow get lost every damn day!)  Or whatever?!
So, I had made up my mind that he was on his own…

That is… until I heard the crash, splash, “ahhhh”, and loud swearing noises.  It wasn’t the swearing or the crashing that got me.  Because, sometimes, hubby does this over really important things anyway –  like not being able to find the top to a Tupperware bowl.  No real emergency there – but, he likes to make it one sometimes which has made me a bit immune to his mood swings.  No, it wasn’t the swearing and slamming… it was the loud “AHHHHHHH!” that came first.  This was not your usual scream of frustration, but the sound of primeval pain.

For all my bitching and kibitzing about my hubby sometimes, I do love him dearly.  So, when I realized he was hurt – I jumped out of bed faster than I knew I could move in the morning without coffee… and came running.  And, what do I find?  Coffee.  Everywhere.  While my hubby is continuing to spew smut from his mouth, and is holding his arm.  Dabbing himself with a dish towel. I notice he has coffee all down the front of himself.. and it’s all over the floor.  Apparently, the coffee pot literally just fell apart… the bottom dropped out… and, boiling hot coffee went all down my hubby’s arm, front, and the floor. 

Super wife and mother that I am, I sprang into action.  Shooing my boys from the area to protect their feet from the glass and coffee, as well as their ears from the vulgar language.  I strip my hubby’s shirt from his arm and tell him to put it under cold running water  while I start to clean up.  He, of course, doesn’t listen to me – screams something about being late and runs back to the bedroom to change.

I clean up the mess, because somewhere along the line that became part of my life’s job description – “mess cleaner upper” – and I go check on hubby.  His arms all red…. But, he won’t listen or wait… He’s rambling on about the coffeepot, and how we should SUE MR. Coffee!… and then he runs out the door.  He does manage to give me a kiss, and say “thanks for cleaning that up” first….

I’m left standing in my kitchen… feeling a bit bewildered… mop in hand… wondering what it would have felt like to sleep in for another hour, but, knowing that I’ll never know now.  There are  2 hungry boys looking at me wanting breakfast…  and, the list of things that I SHOULD get done today starts going thru my head …

And then it dawns on me. 

There’s no god damn coffee for me now.



Suddenly… the door opens… it’s hubby… he’s back. ???  I brace myself.  What did he forget?  And I hope I’ll know where the hell he put it.  I wait for the hurricane of his flying thru the house looking for whatever, screaming obscenities about being really LATE now. 

But, no… he’s carrying something. ??

It’s….. it’s….

It’s  two large cups of coffee from the local donut shop. 

“Thought you might like some coffee” , he says and hands me one…

“Thanks”, I say…  somewhat confused, and certainly relieved…

And, he’s off again. 

Then, it hits me. 

He came back to bring me coffee. 

With his sore arm…
while running late…
and, in the midst of his sucky morning…

I smile. =)

He really DOES love me.



February 6, 2008

The Music of Dolphins (by Karen Hesse)

The Music of DolphinsWhat a cool book !!

My 11 year old brought this home from school today – tells me his reading group has to read it. 

I flip it open.  And, on first impression I think it looks like it’s WAY below his reading level. He’s in 5th grade, but has always read at least a year ahead of his grade level.  He’s been reading Harry Potter and the likes for years… and I thought, “come one.  are they even TRYING to  CHALLENGE him???”

He’s also in a reading group, where he’s the only boy – and I thought this looked like a “girl” book that he wouldn’t like. 

I ask him how he likes it so far, and to my surprise he starts going on and on…  about a girl… raised by dolphins…  he doesn’t quite understand whats happening yet.  He’s just getting into it, but he’s obviously intrigued.  He says, “here… just read the first chapter – it will explain”. 

So, I read it to my 5 year old for his bedtime story.  He falls asleep… and I kept reading… and reading.. and reading.  I finished it. 

What a pleasant surprise.  I LOVED this book!  Here’s a little info on it from AMAZON:

“From School Library Journal
Grade 4-8-This audio version of the book by Karen Hesse (Scholastic, 1969) is spellbinding. Mila has been raised by dolphins. When the Coast Guard discovers her, she is taken to a research facility and has to adjust to living with humans. She slowly acquires language and develops a love for music. Her love for music gives her insight into the human world yet allows her to remain connected to her dolphin world. Mila is very observant of her human caretakers and asks thought-provoking questions as to why humans behave as we do. The narration by Michele McHall and the original musical score enhance the story. McHall portrays the young Mila with a youthful voice; as Mila matures so does her voice. The musical score evokes the sounds of the sea and the dolphins. Mila will linger in the minds of listeners even when the tape is over. This extraordinary tale will enchant listeners and be popular in middle school and public libraries.
Ginny Harrell, William McGarrah Elementary School, Morrow, GA “

It starts off like a child writing it… as she learns about “humans” and language.  As she learns, the text in the book gets stronger… flashbacks into her life with the dolphins…. but, really all about human nature… promises… family… togetherness… music… feelings.  What matters in life… and, how humans often fail miserably at it all.  She wants to go back to the dolphins…. and you can’t blame her. 

I thought the writing was poetic.  Lots of metaphors.  I can see where it will lead to good discussions.  What a pleasant surprise. 

Tomorrow, my son and I are sneaking out early for one of our walks with our dog before school and work.  I will have to make a real effort not to ruin any of it for him.  I look forward to his take on it all, though.  He’s into music… and has a  heart of gold.  I’m sure he’ll identify with Mila, even though she’s a girl. 

How cool is it that my son and I can actually get in conversations about “deep” stuff like this now.  Very cool.  11 is fun.