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September 24, 2015

Morning Moon

morning moon clings tight
to last signs of night over
black tree silhouettes
~ smj

I took this pic the other morning…  while walking my dog in the wee hours of the morning.   Something I need to start doing more of again…  now that I can… and while I can…
I love it when the moon is still out during the day. On this morning, there were actually stars still out too.  But, it was quite cloudy, and my camera is not the best so it did not capture the stars.  Actually, try as I might, I can never really even remotely capture the beauty I see when I look up at the sky.  Still… I find myself looking up, and trying, time and time again.  A bad habit of mine that I hope I never give up.

~ smj

March 29, 2014

March Skies…

Some random shots I took the other day. I went for a drive along the lake and was compelled to stop and take a few pics.   It’s such typical spring weather for March here (Upstate NY), where you can have four seasons in a day…


I also added these to my “Same Sky… Different Day” photo album on my Facebook page… where I have many random sky photos “because I have a hard time not looking up…

~ smj

November 27, 2013


it came in the night
engulfing my world in white
with one icy bite


winter morning,  photo by smj

Winter Morning,
photo by smj




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November 3, 2013

Not Over

some things are over
rated, but walking through woods
is not one of them

~  smj


December 31, 2011

Through the Woods

My Woods (smj)Like the seasons, I move through you, finding myself again

and again, along familiar dirt trails that are so worn in parts

the clay has turned to sand, as if even the ocean was once here,

coursing through your veins, searching for some serenity,

before making its way back to the coast, and leaving

some beach in its wake.

~ smj