Sam Who?

I  like to write, in general…  journaling, poems, stories, lyrics.  I like to pair things I write up with personal photos, or songs…  for fun, to vent, to share…  but no, I’m not really Sam…

Samantha Mariah Jane is a name my mother called me when I was a child.  I’m not sure why.  It’s not even remotely close to my real name. Usually, she called me this when I was in trouble.  So, you would think I would not have liked it much. You would think, which is precisely why sometimes thinking does a person absolutely no good.   I always thought Samantha Mariah Jane had a nice ring to it.  It is, undoubtedly, more interesting than my real name and many years later – I still like the name.  I thought it was only fitting to use it as a pen name of sorts for this blog – where I not only feel the need to be somewhat anonymous, but also hope to appear at least a bit more interesting than I am in “real life” as well.   Ironically, this is also a place where I feel like I am more real, more like myself, than anywhere else.

Writing grounds me. It’s like therapy to me, and I can’t get enough of it in my real life.  So, this blog is my retreat, my journal, my outlet.  I sometimes need to force myself to find time to come here – to take the time when life is so relentlessly busy.  I’ve learned that I need a place like this. I always have, really. A place that I can slip away to – back to myself.

For those of you looking for a little more info other than, “I like to write”, well, I’m also a woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend,  employee, student (again),  skeptic, believer, dreamer, survivor, and lover of words, music, photography, animals and (more often than not) life.  (Not necessarily in that order and subject to change!)

Thanks for visiting and reading…  and, if anything I share here helps you in any way as you travel along your own path – or even just amuses you, perhaps allowing you to slip away to your own temporary retreat –  then, I am happy to be sharing here.

Take care,

“It’s just an ordinary morning. It’s just an ordinary day.
And, I’m just an ordinary woman… slipping away”

Ordinary Morning, by Sheryl Crow

63 Comments to “Sam Who?”

  1. Love It! There is a whole new energy here. It feels terrific!

    • =) thank you enreal. I like your new format too. Funny thing was, I ALMOST picked the same theme for this blog as yours now has (which looks great, btw). Poets of a feather… ;)

  2. Ah the joys of writing–many unexpected.

  3. So excited to begin reading your work! Thanks for stopping by my digs and giving me a heads up.


  4. Ah, the ironies of names and blogs. Thanks for the most interesting intro to a most interesting writing.

    Poem on …

  5. I am very glad you stumbled upon my blog which introduced me to yours! I have been enjoying your writing very much. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I’m quite enamoured of “The Thaw” – would like to reblog it with all links and credits as appropriate. Let me know if I may. Thanks, Sam.

    Also would like to do a mini-interview for Sunday Rally Dispatch on 3/27. I’ll need your email for that.
    Here’s the link to the last “Dispatch” so that you know what I do.


  7. this is so great!!! i just adored the tab title of this page “sam who?” lol…very nice!!!

  8. I like the name! It seems to fit the persona.

  9. Thank you for all of your lovely comments on my poetry :) Thank you for reading :)

    Means so much…

  10. I am SO happy to have found your blog. Yes!!! i am so loving your writing and your ideas and feelings that you convey so well in words. look forward to reading more!

  11. I have officially shanghaied you; I mean nominated you for the esteemed Versatile Blogger’s Award!

    Please go here to pick up your Award:

    I hope you take to time to check out some of my other nominees if you don’t know them already, and please check out my new friend Charlotte’s blog. As most of you know, I don’t really do this type of thing, but I stumbled upon her blog by accident doing this Halloween guestbook signing for another friend and well, what can I say, I felt obligated. She trusted me, of all people, yeah, and nominated me and she does these really great water-color portraits. If nothing else, please stop by her blog, that would mean a lot to me.

    I hope you enjoy my little “awards show.” I got to play around and be sarcastic and as most of you know–I loooooooooooove to do that.

    Thank you & Happy Halloween!

    • Thanks Charles! I am flattered, honored and thinking it’s not so bad to be shanghaied. =) I also just commented on the thread on your blog – and checked out Charlotte’s blog. She IS very talented! I hope more visit and enjoy her work… and, I look forward to catching up more too.

  12. I think I’m gonna LOVE your blog. Well, I already do actually.
    I love poems and more particularly when they’re written in English. Because I’m not sure I could write as beautifully as you can in your language. Well, even in my mother tongue! lol
    What a great surprise to see you add music videos to your posts (I’m a music lover).
    By the way I just read your reply to Charles’ comment… you’re too nice. It makes my day (again!). Thank you! Charles has been really sweet and awesome and I’m really happy that you came to my blog thanks to his very, very kind words about me.
    Can’t wait to discover more of your work.

    • Welcome, and thank you for your very kind words. =) Your artwork is very impressive, and I’m glad Charles pointed me your way. Yes… I’m a music lover too, and always kind of associated poems with lyrics… my earliest attempts at poetry were usually songs, at least in my head.. LOL… and writing and music got me through a lot. Over time, I can see the differences (and similarities!) more and more between lyrics and poetry… and appreciate both so much. I am definitely just living and learning…. and still writing and listening to music non-stop. Please visit again … and feel free to let me know some of your fav. songs as you do.

  13. Dig the whole new look and feel…Love your pic too!!!!
    Oh yes, before I forget, your writing stands above all…

    Must get back to my doom, have a nice day….Hahahahahaha

    • Hey Leigh =) Thank you for the compliments. It’s nice to “see” you here… and your new pic is cool too! You’re not so gloomy and doomy… ;) and you’re laugh… it’s not even that evil… now THIS is an evil laugh: “MuuuuuuAAAA HA HA HA HA HA HA! >:}

  14. Very eloquently expressed! How in the world did I miss this blog before?…So much richness here, I can tell that I’m going to be drawn in, and will be back soon to trip through your archives…

    • Judith – wow… thank you so much for these, and all your other kind words! I felt the same way when I started looking around in your blog… =) It’s so nice to have some of those archives rummaged through every once in a while… and, I sincerely appreciate the feedback.

  15. I stand corrected on my evil quotient!!

    Tee hee

  16. your words bring smiles
    David in Maine USA

  17. Fascinating woman.

  18. Wonderful to discover your writing, Sam! Looking forward to learning more about you through your words. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  19. What gifts life sometimes offer us. Nicknames and such. I spent the evening celebrating a birthday. Lots of wine… splendid food… invigorating and insightful conversation. And a woman nicknamed “Gump”. Right from birth, a name bestowed by her father.

    On the surface, at least, not so poetic as Samantha Mariah Jane, but when a beautiful being owns what’s offered lovingly, no matter how trifling or awkward the gift might seem, that gift becomes as gold. Both to the receiver, and the giver.

  20. Thank you so much for following me I am truly grateful .xxx

  21. I look forward to following you here. —Chagall

  22. thanks, Sam, for the visit. interesting site you have here.

  23. Hi Samantha,
    Glad I stumbled across your blog. We have a lot in common it seems, at least in terms of the therapeutic benefits of the written word, and creative soul and mind. I have been looking around a bit and enjoy your writing a great deal. Can’t wait to see more.
    Keep Inspiring

    • Hi JMC. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words. Yes, writing is definitely therapeutic for me… and, if anything you found here was inspiring as well, than that is just the icing on the cake. Take care.

  24. I saw your link on Love and Pain Collide. I’m glad I clicked it. Your poetry is truly beautiful. Here is my link i would love for you to stop by if you have a chance.

  25. That is an interesting account of yourself! Great poetry!

  26. You produce some amazing work on this site, keep it up.

  27. Love your poetry, wish I could write as well as you! Just went through a couple of them, but will surely read more soon… You beautifully capture emotions in the words you pen, which go straight to the heart! Keep that up! :)

  28. Not really, but thanks… after reading your haiku poems I am tempted to try one too… Thought it wouldn’t be difficult but then i googled and realized the specifications for it and how difficult it is too convey something in so few a words.

    • Anything expressed truly from the heart is worth expressing, and who can say a right or wrong way to do it. That is all I meant. :-)
      Haiku is fun. It forces you to get to the heart of whatever it is you are trying to say, while often also leaving much open for interpretation. Don’t worry about the specifications too much… It’s easy to cut or add a syllable once you get going in order to stick to the 5-7-5 rule. I hope you try a few. You’ll probably get hooked. ;-)

  29. A pleasure to meet you. Seems we have another thing in common, other than the number. The pseudonym. Great writing!!

  30. So pleased to have refound you :)
    I’d lost some of my faves when I shunted my wordpress world around a few years ago.
    I’m glad to have you back in my world again, your writing is so… real… (cliche, I know. apologies)
    Really speaks to me… thank you

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