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April 11, 2014

Happy Sibling Day ?

siblingsSo, it’s “Siblings Day”? Never heard of it before. I’m sure my brothers will agree that there are way too many new holidays these days. Must be Hallmark trying to improve sales or something. Sheesh. We can barely keep track of the essential ones. Still, all these posts on Facebook about siblings made me reflect on my relationship with my brothers, and I felt like writing about it a bit. Only one of my brothers is on Facebook. Ironically, he’s the one who until fairly recently was pretty computer illiterate, and I figured he always would be. But, that’s one of the things about brothers. They can surprise you. For example, you can go your whole teenage life thinking that a brother hates you, and then you grow up and realize that they actually always did care.

When I was a kid, it seemed I had one big brother who let me hang out with him, and in the process taught me how to do everything I wasn’t supposed to do. Man, we had some fun though. Then, I had my oldest big brother that would get upset with me for doing those things, and tell on me. Because my oldest brother seemed to love to see me get in trouble and to NOT have fun, I assumed he didn’t like me much. Of course, I was wrong. He was just very protective. I realized that the older I became. When it came down to it, both of my brothers were always there for me, and still are. I always knew that. It’s a good feeling.

Growing up, I was always trying to be one of the boys. Except, I never really was. For starters because nobody was allowed to hurt me. My father would allow my brothers to kill each other – but, they were not allowed to hit me. Of course, they still did sometimes, rarely… but, they sure as hell didn’t let anyone else mess with me. My oldest brother was probably the most protective. He claims this is because he was the one to get in trouble if/when any of us got in trouble. I’ll buy that. The only one more scary-protective of me than my oldest brother was my Dad… and Dad could be pretty scary. After-all, he did regularly say things like, “I’ll rip your arm off and beat you over the head with the bloody end of it!”.

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August 9, 2011

Losing Debates…

me:  “Good-bye honey.  Can I get another big birthday-hug before I have to leave?”

d:  “sure”

(Insert big hug here…  the kind every mom loves to get from her kid…)

me: “thank you honey.  I love you.”

d:   “I love you more, Mom.”

I smiled.  I love this game…  and we hadn’t played it in a while…

When he was little, we played it all the time…  in various forms.  There was the “I love you ___  than ______” version, which would start off with the usual clichés, like, “I love you higher than the highest mountain“, and then would quickly turn to silly random things…  like, “I love you bouncier than the bounciest bouncy ball!”.   This could go on… and on… and on… usually, delaying bed time in the process…

Yeah, those were good times. But, those times just aren’t as frequent now that “d” is a whopping 9 years old going on 15.  He has his big brother to keep up with, after all.  So, I welcomed this chance to debate an old favorite topic with him.   It was an argument that I had never lost in the past, to him or his brother.  Partly, because not giving in is the fun of it… but mostly, because I truly believe that there’s just no way anyone can love anyone more than I love my boys…

So, I said the expected,  “I don’t think so.  You know I love you more.  But, thank you anyway.”

d:  “I do too, Mom.  I love you more.”

me:  “Not possible.  I love you soooo much, it’s just not possible for you to love me more. But, I’m glad you think you do.”

d:   “I do.”

me:   “no way.”

This may have repeated 2-3 more times…  before  d says to me… very matter-of-factually,

“I do so love you more. Mom,  I’m doing it right now.

Huh! You can’t really argue with that kind of  logic, now, can you?  Well, maybe you can… but, I didn’t want to.  Besides, he was right.  I could feel the love that he was so adamantly giving wholeheartedly  “right now“.   He meant it.  So, I decided to just soak it in and, admit loving defeat…  for once.  For the first time, really.  But, what a way to go, huh?

So, I said,  “ok….   If you say so.”

(Smug smile from d….)

(Loving smile from me…)

(Exit stage left…)


Sheryl Crow – Sweet Child O’ Mine

January 12, 2011

I still see him

“Where is my little boy?”
“Where has he gone?”
I spoke loudly to no-one, 
looking past the stranger standing before me
who was wearing nothing
but a hooded towel
with dog ears.

“I’m right here, Mommy!”
he blurts out excitedly
unable to maintain stealth mode
or contain laughter
as he excitedly threw back his hood
and dog ears.

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