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August 2, 2012


my fan misery
desperate for company
sweeps me off my feet

catches me off guard
smiles and prods me to drone on
whispers lies of love

just to hold me once
again deep within its spell
so captivating

~ smj

(warning – this is a somewhat horrific/graphic scene from the movie “Misery”.
 If you’ve never seen it and/or don’t want to see something graphic  – don’t click! 
Then again, if you’ve never seen the movie…  what is wrong with you?  It’s a classic!
Looks like the whole movie is also available  if you do want to see it.

September 29, 2011

He Could Fly

He says, he likes it.

He likes the way it makes him

feel – like a man. A real man.
Like, everything is okay.
Like, he’s on top of the world.
Like, he could do anything,
be anyone.  Like, he could


high as he wants to!

That is, if he wanted to.

If only – he wanted to
but, he doesn’t really want
to do anything these days
‘cept sit around and shoot shit,
saying, he just doesn’t know


~ smj

Heroin,  The Velvet Underground

September 27, 2011

Alpha Male

Head tilted sideways,
belly up, wild eyes
darting back and forth
to points only god-
forsaken souls can
glimpse upon as they
desperately try
to focus, to fix-
ate on life. Exposed
jugular awaits.

The smell of defeat
rises with the last
relinquished sense of
hope released by fright.
Tastes like victory

to you.  Questions swell
alongside your pride.
Is this what you want?
Are you happy now?
Content to live as
alpha male? Is your
ego satisfied?
Is it lonely there
at the very top
where fear, not love, reigns?

~ smj

(re-write from original haiku)

Never Again, by Nickelback

April 11, 2011

Timepiece Talk

You think you own me, as I quietly
rest on your wrist, keeping you
on track, consistently telling you
the time. You count on me entirely

too much. You try to believe
that I’m just one of your many
accessories that you can wear
out and replace with ease.

I know better. Yes, I know
that you are not my master.
You are not the one that makes
my heart beat, and all things grow

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June 28, 2010

Kings & Queens

Who died and made me

the Queen of your whole Kingdom?

King, rule thine own realm!


~~ smj

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