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November 10, 2020


“You wear too much eyeliner.
You look like a whore.”

Tigress teenage eyes rolled back
at him. Her face scrunched up in disdain
to mask the sting of his words.  Who cares
what he thinks? She didn’t want to.
What the fuck does he know? 

Innocence was overrated, anyway.
It never protected her when she had it
from those that would stare right into unlined, wide
eyes, smiling as they robbed them blind. 
Blue naivety drained to black.

Tears can take years to catch up
with repressed memories.  But, they build and spill
eventually.  One way or another.  They don’t care
how much you hate to cry. Denial can’t prevent
bleeding out slowly from the inside.

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May 8, 2009

Keep Off Hill

“Keep off the hill!”
they said to me
with a finger wag
and scowl

“You’ll catch your death
on slippery slopes!”
I heard them
clear and loud

…but, did I listen to them?
Without a word
I backed away
ignoring angry howls

With a defiant leap
and unseen smile
right over the fence
I sailed

Not one glance back
Up the hill I went
Far from their
beaten trail

~ smj