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June 23, 2021


Nothing really matters
now. Only you… and you.
Can’t you see that?

All things stressed about
are just that – things. Ridiculous
things, compared to you.

Work? Politics? The state
of our economy? Please.
Not even close.

Entire cities? Dear friends?
Cherished family. Me?
I clearly choose you.

My sons.  My moons.
My heaven and earth.
If I could just move you

enough to make you
understand. To make you
feel content. To make you
feel loved enough that you
feel hope. To make you feel.

To make you stay. Please don’t
leave me. You are my world.
You are what matters. Even if
you don’t see it.

~ smj

My mission is to keep the light in your eyes ablaze”
– Ablaze, Alanis Morisette

August 2, 2012


my fan misery
desperate for company
sweeps me off my feet

catches me off guard
smiles and prods me to drone on
whispers lies of love

just to hold me once
again deep within its spell
so captivating

~ smj

(warning – this is a somewhat horrific/graphic scene from the movie “Misery”.
 If you’ve never seen it and/or don’t want to see something graphic  – don’t click! 
Then again, if you’ve never seen the movie…  what is wrong with you?  It’s a classic!
Looks like the whole movie is also available  if you do want to see it.

November 1, 2011

Always Never

You said you stayed because you cared
about vows, and how to leave would be a sin.
Still, you were always never there

when all you craved lived in your prayers
for him, our lives, to be born again.
You said you stayed because you cared.

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August 5, 2011

Peace Out

Can’t see the night
through reflective windows.
Can’t feel the rain
through the floors overhead.
Can’t hear my own thoughts
over that damn florescent lightbulb.
Yeah, its buzzing
might just
kill me yet.

But, I know it’s dark out
I can feel it creeping in,
and I know it’s been raining
yeah, I feel it seeping in
and I think I heard a thought
leaking right out of my head
through windows and floors
it made its escape.
Felt no remorse
when bulb’s buzz
went dead

Peace out.


 Grey Room, by Damien Rice

March 10, 2010


Denial sweeps in
smiling while
building up walls
protecting and serving
providing temporary shelter
waiting to face
the incredibly cold

Anger bursts in
shield and sword in hand
shaking indignant fingers
and righteous fists
throwing blind punches
sharp jabs of rage
fighting back

Bargaining sneaks in
promising change
offering deals
of a lifetime, and more
struggling to give away
what it doesn’t possess
finding only broken

Depression sinks in
swallows everything up whole
chokes it all down
without so much as
even pretending to care
drowning sorrows
washing away

Acceptance comes home
Learning lessons from truth
Allowing tears of pain, and joy
Mending broken hearts
Daring to dream and hope anew
Willing to let love in again
Opening closed

~ smj

To Build a Home – by, Cinematic Orchestra