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October 7, 2015

Tell Me

Tell me that you understand,
Even though you can’t.
Tell me I can count on you,
Even though I won’t.

Tell me it will all work out,
That it’s getting better every day.
Tell me you don’t want for more,
Even though it’s not okay.

Tell me that you love me so,
And that our love is true
I may not always say it back,
Even so, I do.

~ smj

Strong Enough, by Sheryl Crow 

December 16, 2010

The way it is

You think it
say it
believe it
make it real and true
for you.
At least, for you
     – it’s true.

Excuse me if

I hear it
doubt it
question it
dismiss it as untrue
for me
I’m just saying, for me
     – it’s bullshit

I’d believe it
          if I could
I’d trust it
          as far as I can
                    throw it
Neither of us
can help it

No excuses for it

Just the way   it    is

~ smj

March 23, 2010

dependable me

dependable me

support system to the stars

all systems go down


~ smj

August 28, 2007

Days of Gray

Sometimes I miss the black and white.
When I was sure of wrong and right.
Before the days of gray crept in,
Blurring lines of my vision.

Sometimes I think I should go back,
To days of white and nights of black.
It sure was sweet to be so smart,
Days of no doubt and wishful heart.

But those black nights–  they sure were long.
Dark and daunting. So much was wrong.
The more I learned, the less I knew.
Suddenly, I saw the grayish hue.

For weary eyes – a welcome sight.
I’ll take the gray, soft filtered light.
Questions abound. Uncertainty thrives.
Still better than righteous disguise.

There is one thing I do believe,
That is that most are confused, like me.
And those who believe still in black and white,
May someday see gray with 20/20 hindsight.

~ smj