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October 2, 2018

Thought Wrong

I thought I was moving on
from my past, from my problems,
from the person I no longer wanted
to be.

I thought I was moving up,
like the Jefferson’s – to the top,
to a deluxe, newly evolved version
of me.

I thought I had moved past
the worst of it.  That I had paid
my dues and was ready to finally
be free.

“Don’t think”, she said.
“You’re not good at it”, she said.

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May 8, 2009

Keep Off Hill

“Keep off the hill!”
they said to me
with a finger wag
and scowl

“You’ll catch your death
on slippery slopes!”
I heard them
clear and loud

…but, did I listen to them?
Without a word
I backed away
ignoring angry howls

With a defiant leap
and unseen smile
right over the fence
I sailed

Not one glance back
Up the hill I went
Far from their
beaten trail

~ smj

May 6, 2009

Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms clinging to their tree,
Limbs swaying,
Yet the fragile flowers do not break free,
They hold on tight through the strong spring breeze.

            I want to be like one of these.