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December 16, 2010

And, what do YOU want for Christmas, little boy?

He said he doesn’t want anything for Christmas this year…  my son, that is.   I guess, that means he’s a pretty lucky kid, right?  We should all be so lucky… to not really want for anything, right?

It’s not like he has “everything”.  He doesn’t.  Not by a long-shot.  In today’s economy, our family is having financial struggles along with many others.  Which made me wonder if my son was just reluctant to ask for anything?  Maybe he thought we simply couldn’t afford it?   It was just last year that he became aware that Santa is on the same budget as Mommy & Daddy, and this is the first year that he hasn’t really asked for any big-ticket items.  Coincidence?  Hmmm??  I sure hope so. 

I would feel terrible if he wasn’t asking for things simply because he thought we couldn’t afford them… even if that very well might be the case.  Maybe there are things he wants, but

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March 23, 2010

dependable me

dependable me

support system to the stars

all systems go down


~ smj

October 19, 2009

My Angel

Here I am
talking to you again,
my angel.

if you’re still watching
over me and, if I still
make you proud?

I know I’m no angel.
I know you’d agree.
Then again, neither were you.  But,
you were to me.
So, I guess, at least sometimes
it’s true…  The apple doesn’t fall
far from the tree.

If anyone could understand
or forgive me, for anything,
for everything, I would think
it would be you. The angel
who almost made me believe
I could fly, long before he had wings
of his own.

Oh, how I wish I could fly now!
Just fly away! Soar through the clouds
with you… laughing
with delight and, at the way we look
with wings.

But no,
I’m no angel.

Even though, I really tried
to be your angel. And you
have always been one
to me.

Can you see me? Can you hear me?
I’m talking to you,
Dad.  I miss you so much
and I need an angel

~ smj

Dog & Butterfly, by Heart

August 16, 2009

Regrets Come Easy

regrets come easy
second guessing choices made
acceptance is hard

 acceptance brings peace
to those who can find it, search
high, low and within

where is acceptance?
perhaps hidden underneath
necessary change

August 14, 2009

Kiss Me As If

Kiss me as if it was your very first kiss,
As if you’ve been dreaming a lifetime for this,
Waiting for moments you dare not to miss,
Electricity flowing as you capture these lips,
Yes, kiss me as if this was your very first kiss.

Kiss me as if you never needed me more,
As if you’ve never felt such longing before,
An urgent prelude to better things in store,
Our lips the gateway of much more to explore,
Yes, kiss me as if you never needed me more.

 Kiss me as if it might be your last,
Savor sensations,  knowing none will surpass,
Tender and slow. Hard and fast.
A last chance to feel such heavenly contrast.
Yes kiss me as if this may be your last.

Why settle for a mere peck on the cheek?
When the day finally ends and allows us to meet?
Why should we accept a nod and “good night”?
Why waste darkness on sleeping when we turn out the light?
Won’t you think twice before you walk out the door?
I need you to kiss me like you use to before.