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January 8, 2016

Looking Up


wandering thoughts caught
frozen in shades of gray, still
she was looking up


Blackbird, Paul McCartney & Wings

January 7, 2016

Missing and Reminiscing

*sigh* I miss this. This place, I mean. I miss the poems… reading and writing here. I’ve been writing… Just not here…and not really for me.  Life has been… relentless…  as usual. Not all bad. There’s plenty of good mixed in.  So, I’m not complaining. Well… maybe a little… but that’s not why I’m here.

I am just missing this place again… And this part of me that goes with it. I guess it has been put on the back-burner once again.  Par for the course. I go in spurts, as usual,  and lately I haven’t been reading any poetry, let alone writing any.  Shame. 

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September 21, 2007

Past to Present

Try to breathe tomorrow in.
Try to exhale today away,
for the future is the hunter,
the past is only prey.

Yes, tomorrow thinks its won.
Its faster on its feet.
Still, it should remember,
you are only what you eat.

Past lives and painful memories,
repressed and left for dead,
pick up the pieces that you want,
sweep the rest under your bed.

No matter how you slice it,
all the pieces play a part,
managing to come together,
creating singular works of art.

~ smj