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October 5, 2021


Focus on your breath.
Long, deep, breaths.

Inhale peace slowly
through your nose.
Savor the aroma of tranquility.  
Let the warm calm fill you.

Ignore the tickle in your nose.
Focus on your breath.
Long, deep, breaths.

Exhale stress like demons
conjured from within
and expelled past your lips
with a windy exorcism.

Do not engage.  Do not engage.
Focus on your breath.
Long, deep – wait, where are you going?

Empty your mind.
No emails. No deadlines.
Ignore the desperate appeals
to assist under duress.

Let them and your guilt wait.
Focus on your breath.
Long, deep –  close your damn eyes.

Don’t hear distractions,
your growling stomach or dog,
your beeping phone or the truck
delivering who knows what.

Come back to your breathing.
Focus on your breath.
Long, deep – how long has it been?

Forget all your worries,
and those you worry about.
The what ifs and scenarios
that run wild on repeat.

I can’t.
Focus on your breath.
Long, deep – this is… impossible.

Block out voices whispering,
“you can’t blow me away”,
so loudly you can’t focus
on your long, deep, breaths.

– smj

March 23, 2013


I’m getting better every day. I mean it
this time.  Better – physically, mentally.
Hell, even spiritually. Everything.

The healing was taking so long. So long
that pain was allowed to take its toll on me
and everyone around me.  Everything.

Tired eyes began to lose focus, and forget
the healing straining to happen. I sank
into despair, my bed.  Everything.

No more.  I’m getting better every day.
Healing is healing, and like me, it is deserving
of time, gratefulness.  Everything.

I’m ready. Can you see it? The light that waits
beyond the gray? It’s there. So here and now – rejoice
for each new step, day. Everything!

~ smj

It’s Gonna Get Better, by Genesis

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December 31, 2011

Through the Woods

My Woods (smj)Like the seasons, I move through you, finding myself again

and again, along familiar dirt trails that are so worn in parts

the clay has turned to sand, as if even the ocean was once here,

coursing through your veins, searching for some serenity,

before making its way back to the coast, and leaving

some beach in its wake.

~ smj


March 14, 2011

The Thaw

The creek runs high today.
Fast, furious, and fueled by yesterday
as it cast off its shroud of white
which melted into waves
of icy, bitter-sweet waters
carrying once buried transgressions
that waited beside crocuses
for their chance to bloom
and transform into something

The creek runs high today.
Racing towards tomorrow’s promise
of warm waters that glide easily
around smooth stepping stones
where moss can grow
and life can settle
into a peaceful rhythm
that has ebbed from winter
and flows in time to the heart
of summer.

The creek runs high today.
Faster than my thoughts.
Further than my dreams
that lay dormant
frozen still
waiting for the thaw.

~ smj

(this poem was an expansion, continuation, and definite after-thought to the haiku I posted called, “snow fall“. )

Frozen Love, by Buckingham Nicks

August 16, 2009

Regrets Come Easy

regrets come easy
second guessing choices made
acceptance is hard

 acceptance brings peace
to those who can find it, search
high, low and within

where is acceptance?
perhaps hidden underneath
necessary change