Reluctant Kiss

her lips
where laughter
and words
blurt out
(most inappropriately)
there lies
a kiss
in waiting.

 Eyes diverting
cheeks blushing
teeth biting
her bottom lip
to stifle
the urge
to flight
(not fight).

 Oh, it’s no use
the kiss
is spooked
and quickly
into the abyss
of witty banter
and nervous laughter
with itself.

 How is it
these lips
so full
of themselves
and noise
can tolerate
and give refuge to
such a

~ smj

You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This, by Toby Keith

37 Comments to “Reluctant Kiss”

  1. Very nice, so endearing.

  2. Jesus Christ … I wish this didn’t remind me of someone.

    Great piece. My only pet peeve is the (fight) parenthetical statement after flight. I think the first parenthetical statement worked nicely, but I got snagged by that one. (Don’t mind me, I just like critiquing poetry because I know I’m not good at it myself.)

  3. I really love this!


  4. This is great — I like how you compare and contrast the “push” and “Pull” of the urge to kiss with the ability to speak. Two different uses for the lips. It’s a great poem!

    The Nerd

  5. Raven – thank you, and thanks for stopping by. =)

    Gray – thank you and glad you stopped back over from blogger. It’s nice when we venture outside our own blog platforms.

    Kacoldwel – really? Well, I suppose there are a few reluctant kisses hiding out in a various lips out there… ;)
    And, yeah, I debated on the “(not fight)” thing myself. I went with it, because I was thinking of then biological “flight or fight” response we all have… but, not sure it works. ?? I am always open to suggestions and critiquing.. so, feel free! I know I need it, and it’s appreciated. LOL ;)

    Forrester – well, thanks! And thanks for checking out my blog here. I looked at yours too. You re hilarious…and a very good writer. I hope to read more from you soon.

    Poeteek – thanks! =) glad you liked it.

    wordnerd45 – thank you! Yes… you nailed the sentiment… the push and pull… the trepidation….

  6. Absolutely…been there myself! Great to hear from you again! Check out “Porcelain Doll”…seems I’m in the mood to write some poetry about the rant I went on today!

    The Nerd

  7. That poem was soft, yet sorta hot. Nice work.

  8. very very nice and the first stanza, for me, stands in its right place…..first..

  9. truthwalker – thank you. “sorta hot”. mission accomplished. ;)

    Utopian Fragments – thank you. The first verse wrote itself, practically, and I almost stopped there… not quite sure where else to take it.

  10. bring the two together..melding. how is that merging? love your writing, darlin’.

  11. I must have inspired this… ha ha! Sweet.

  12. Rog – wait…?? which part are you talking about… or which comment referring to? perhaps I just need more coffee before I can think strait…. At any rate, thanks for stopping back and the compliment. =)

    dakasky – =) thank you… but, ummmm… no… not this time, not this poem. LOL.. but, something tells me you have inspired many a poem, as well as thoughts about kisses (reluctant or not). I mean, just look at you..
    (no really, girls, go look at him at: ;),
    – and he can write too… )

    • Um, yeaaaa…I accidentally set the muse loose on him. Now I might be unknowingly accused of cyber sexual harrassment. My muse needs to come with a disclaimer: “Blogger is not liable for any sexual innuendo she writes about another blogger’s online photographs”

      Think that will cover me? God I hope so, I’m too poor to afford an attorney.

      The Nerd

  13. oh sheesh, I am a bit shy sometimes – and now I am totally blushing! Egads!

    • Men look good in pink!

      Down, down bad muse!!! Somebody get her a bucket of cold water, stat!

      The Nerd

    • dakasky – my comment was meant to flatter… not totally embarass. Sorry bout that – but, you kow I meant it in a good way, right? I will take it back if you like. Are you telling me that you are the one housing the reluctant kisses yourself? hmmmm…. who knew? and how sweet…

  14. delightfully and artfully captured

    and could as easily have been echoing the like hesitation that all too frequently comes on the kiss of a word meant for a poem

    yet catches me feeling the urge for my own lips to touch those

    . maggie

  15. magewing –
    thank you… and, I like your other interpretation as well… very much… but, the end result was the best compliment of all.

  16. Loved this one! =)

  17. Ellly –
    when logged into wordpress.. go to top left, “My Account”… then, “edit profile”… about half way down the page, where it says, “Primary blog” – but, your blog address. Voila. Hopefully, that’s it. ;)

  18. these shapes are mesmerizing.

  19. thanx for sharing this cool idea riding on yr words

  20. really beautiful. i like it mucho.

  21. A beautiful piece. Loved it a lot :-)

    • Ah, this is one of my favorites too… reminds me of days gone by…. and funny how much we can change… and then again, not really sometimes. =)

      Thanks for taking the time to poke around on my blog some. Do you have a blog of poems you share?

      • No… I tried signing up here but it got rejected. Could you temme the procedures? Also, Do you have a mail id where its possible to contact you?????

  22. An honest account of nervous excitement. I love it.

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