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January 5, 2012


Steam rises hot off her skin as the water rolls
off her back into shallow pools that skirt around weary feet.
She breathes

deep, warm, cleansing breaths.  Savoring each one
as if it were the first drag from her last cigarette.

Exhaled wet smoke joins forces and adheres to glass,
surrounding her in a dull grey veil, blurring the world outside
until it fades to black, drowned down and out
by the soothing rush of running water.

Surviving droplets cling to droplets and stand fast on hazy walls
defying gravity until pressures mount into unbearable burdens
forcing them to swell, and spill, and plunge at last
as salty tears merging into freshwater streams

cutting trails through fog, providing glimpses
of life in streaks that call to her.  Reluctantly

the door opens, and with a cloud of smoke and mirrors
she steps out of the shower, and back into existence

~ smj

edited 1-6-12

New Morning, by Alpha Rev

September 10, 2009

Something More Comfortable

Let me slip
Let me slip into something
more comfortable
for you
Yes, just for you
I’ll slink into
my other persona
You know the one
The one
you like
The one
that fits me
like a second skin
Painted on
Clinging to my curves
Concealing this
Revealing that
Yes, you know the one
The one
you bought me
for our anniversary
to celebrate
the new me
Yes, let me
Let me slip
Let me slip away
to you
from you
Far away
from me

~ smj

September 4, 2009

like a book

read me  like a book

the real story lies hidden

there between my lines


August 19, 2009

True Love Denied

True love
finds ways
to survive
Grows up
thru the cracks
 of your heart

 Choke it down
Weed it out
Poison it
 with doubt
Bleed it out
of your veins
if you can

Drive it deep
and cold
to be found
that it’s gone
Loose all hope

You give up
and give in
you can’t win
Just make due
Just get by
Life goes on
and you try
to forget

Just a matter
of time
til one day
you will find
there Love is
sprouting up
once again

Stop choking
Stop weeding
Stop poisoning
Stop bleeding
Just let it grow
Let it spread
Let it be

True love
never dies
Finds ways
to survive
Grows up
thru the cracks
 of your heart


August 14, 2009

Kiss Me As If

Kiss me as if it was your very first kiss,
As if you’ve been dreaming a lifetime for this,
Waiting for moments you dare not to miss,
Electricity flowing as you capture these lips,
Yes, kiss me as if this was your very first kiss.

Kiss me as if you never needed me more,
As if you’ve never felt such longing before,
An urgent prelude to better things in store,
Our lips the gateway of much more to explore,
Yes, kiss me as if you never needed me more.

 Kiss me as if it might be your last,
Savor sensations,  knowing none will surpass,
Tender and slow. Hard and fast.
A last chance to feel such heavenly contrast.
Yes kiss me as if this may be your last.

Why settle for a mere peck on the cheek?
When the day finally ends and allows us to meet?
Why should we accept a nod and “good night”?
Why waste darkness on sleeping when we turn out the light?
Won’t you think twice before you walk out the door?
I need you to kiss me like you use to before.