The Thaw

The creek runs high today.
Fast, furious, and fueled by yesterday
as it cast off its shroud of white
which melted into waves
of icy, bitter-sweet waters
carrying once buried transgressions
that waited beside crocuses
for their chance to bloom
and transform into something

The creek runs high today.
Racing towards tomorrow’s promise
of warm waters that glide easily
around smooth stepping stones
where moss can grow
and life can settle
into a peaceful rhythm
that has ebbed from winter
and flows in time to the heart
of summer.

The creek runs high today.
Faster than my thoughts.
Further than my dreams
that lay dormant
frozen still
waiting for the thaw.

~ smj

(this poem was an expansion, continuation, and definite after-thought to the haiku I posted called, “snow fall“. )

Frozen Love, by Buckingham Nicks

37 Comments to “The Thaw”

  1. So enjoyed your poem…such fine metaphors to convey the emotions.

  2. “The creek runs high today.
    Racing towards tomorrow’s promise
    of warm waters that flow easily
    around smooth stepping stones.
    where moss can grow
    and life can settle
    into a peaceful rhythm”




    i’ll have two, thank you, very much! :-)

  3. your words mirrored my world… the images you painted were of the hidden shadows as well. stunning

    • sincere thanks to you, enreal… your comments always make me feel as though those shadows aren’t so hidden after all. thanks for that. We all need a little more bright spots.

  4. Haiku to poem….
    Poem to short story
    Short story to novel
    Novel to film
    Film to archives
    Archives to ancient history
    Ancient history to dust

    Have a nice day

    • ha! thanks for the read and poetic reality check. and, aren’t we all… just dust… in the wind. you have a nice day, too, my friend. =)

      (one of my all time favorite depressing songs, by one of my all time favorite bands – Kansas)

  5. Wow.. your words ring with a haunted glory that is as old as the earth itself.. of evolution, continuation, and a gradual progress towards a better tomorrow. The theme is excellent, and your beautiful words do it justice..
    Its been a while since I last blogged – joined a new job and times have been hectic – and it always feels nice when you have such masterpieces waiting for you to be read, and revel in their magnificence.

    • DL – So nice to “see” you, and thank you so much for the wonderful comment. You are way too kind. This poem was about a continual, natural process, in deed… and like many things in nature, applicable to many areas in life. I do appreciate the read and your very flattering words. Hope the new job is a good thing for you. Take care.

  6. Something primal about this. Emotional. Can just about hear it in song it’s so lyrical. Very nice work.

    • Jamie,
      Thank you. “emotional” is a good word for this one. Rushing, rising, and flowing emotions… just like the water rushing.
      I also like the idea of you almost being able to hear it. Poetry and music go hand in hand…

  7. So beautiful. Very effective sensory descriptions. Hope to see more of your work.

  8. A very fine piece of work indeed :)
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend xoxo

  9. love your style as always,
    keep it up,

    come join us this week for potluck fun…

  10. The river runs high today…natural beginning of spring but worrisome if said river overflows too much over the roads and into the house, following the high water marks of ancient past, insisting on establishing new frontiers. Love your poems and their rhythms.

    • hi Dan… great thoughts… and your comment sounds like a poem of it’s own. Considering the news lately of Japan, your words are very spot on. Thanks for the read and visit. =)

  11. Hi! Thanks for you email “Thaw” will go up on my site on Thursday. Will forward interview questions to you this p.m. On the run now ….

    Have a fab day …

  12. A poem that moved me
    Yet left me with few words
    It brought me from a winter sleep
    Gently warmed me showing me life
    Then took me back deep within
    Longing for some ones love to warm me
    “frozen still”

  13. I like your repetition of ‘the creek runs high today’. It has a nice flow and rhythm to it… like running water. v. beautiful writing :D

  14. Wow…I don’t know how in the world I ever missed this one before, it’s simply beautiful, almost musical and so clear, heartfelt and eloquently expressed.

  15. thanks for discovering this, and your kind words. It is so cool that you take the time to dig back through my stuff. I really appreciate that.
    I’m glad you liked it.

  16. Reblogged this on Samantha Mariah Jane and commented:

    I write this just over the years ago. It remains one of my favorites. I’m looking forward to waking along the creek that inspired it again… hopefully soon. I’m still racing towards tomorrow’s promise of warm waters & smooth stepping stones…

  17. I love this poem. I’m glad you shared it — sometimes the oldies are golden. =)

  18. Loved it, especially this part –

    The creek runs high today.
    Faster than my thoughts.
    Further than my dreams
    that lay dormant
    frozen still
    waiting for the thaw.

    Beautifully worded!

  19. Not to undermine the whole poem but its the last stanza that killed it and are now stuck in my head! :)

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