Are we positively stronger yet?

I saw a writing prompt just now, when I was mindlessly scrolling positive memes instead of working, looking for some inspiration…. The prompt was,

What would someone say to you right now to make you feel stronger, and more positive?
Write it down. Then, say it out loud to yourself“.

I rarely do writing prompts… in fact, lately, I rarely write… but, as usual, I always think I should be.
Anyway, this sounded interesting… and easy enough. So? Let’s see what this prompts if I just… start… writing…
What WOULD I like someone to say to me? Hmmmm….
Hey Sam. How are you doing? I know you don’t think anyone really cares right now… or that it doesn’t really matter anyway, but I mean it. How ARE you? I care. I want to know that you are not just putting on some kind of a facade… falling into old patterns… pretending to be something, someone, you are not. You’re not doing that, are you? I don’t think you are, but it’s sometimes hard to tell with you. I know you are really good at seeming like you don’t have a care in the world…. Like, you don’t really need an ego boost or care what anyone thinks. You come off like you are already strong enough to hold your own and then some… But, I also know that is not always the case.

I know all the chaos going on beneath your calm. The whole world is in turmoil lately it seems. Everything is upside down. I know you are hurting… feeling stressed… and that you are worried about those that you love the most. If only you would love yourself like that. Don’t try to deny it, because I can read you like a freaking book, Sam. And, you know what? I still like you! In fact, I love you. And, you know I’m not alone. You know you have friends and family that love you to death. How you can feel any differently sometimes is beyond me…. but, I know you do. Human nature, I guess. Because by now, you already know that the more you show your true colors, the more the ones that truly love you – love you more.

So, let me ask you again, Sam. How are you doing? How much are you holding in, and holding back right now? From others… and also from yourself? Do you even know? If you can’t quite put a finger on it, maybe it’s time to start self-reflecting a bit more again and figure it out. I know – sometimes, it’s easier to not think about certain things. And, I know this is your busiest time at work, and you are already feeling stressed for time, blah blah blah… but, I also know that is exactly when you need to check in with yourself even more. Vent. Let it out. Let things go. We both know writing always helps you… so, stop denying yourself the pleasure, and just do it.

Or don’t.

Whatever works best. Hey – far be if for me to tell you what to do, or add anything to your plate. Amazingly enough, I also know you hate being told what to do. Man, I really CAN read you like a freaking book! And, I certainly don’t want to stress you out any further. I’m trying to make you feel stronger and more positive, for crying out loud. So, you know what? Just do what you can. Do what feels right. Just do you. And, don’t let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing. Least of all me. ;) You got this. You will get through this. You always do. You can do anything you set your mind to… if/when you want to. I know you don’t believe that last bit, but it’s true.

Oh… and the next time that asshole puts you in a headlock/”hug”, so that they can keep screaming in your ear when you’ve already made it clear you do NOT want to talk politics with them? And they just won’t let it, or you, go? Instead of trying to be nice, and making a joke out of it – just give him a good, hard, kick in the shin and walk away. For real. I KNOW that will make you feel better. :)

Did it work? Are you smiling? I don’t know about you, but I feel more positive and stronger already. :)

Feelin’ Stronger Every Day, Chicago

One Comment to “Are we positively stronger yet?”

  1. I just read this out loud to myself… and, I made myself cry…. and feel a bit stronger, and more positive. :) I highly recommend this writing prompt, and then revisiting it periodically. :)

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