Don’t Look Down

Don’t look down. Don’t look back.
You’re almost there. Stay
cool and calm, where the air is clear.
Keep your head up and step carefully
forward. Keep moving forward.
Don’t look down.

Coals, red-hot and crunchy under foot
grow hotter when gazed upon.
Fueled by fear and guilty glances,
they love to entertain worse case scenarios.
Growing and glowing a deeper shade
of scorching red with each hesitant glimpse.
Their fiery path expands before your very eyes.
Only before your eyes.  All because of
your eyes…  So,

don’t look down. Keep moving
forward.  Step carefully and keep your head
up, where the air is clear. Stay
cool and calm. You’re almost there.
Don’t look back.
Don’t look down.

~ smj

“Don’t look down
Don’t look into the eyes of the world beneath you
Don’t look down
You’ll fall down
You’ll become their sacrifice”

– The Only One, by Evanescence

26 Comments to “Don’t Look Down”

  1. interpreting other peoples poetry has never been my forte. of course I would say jump before you fall, burn that bridge and never look back. if anyone was worth their salt, they would never have needed seasoning. :) of course I have no room to talk, I’ve spilled more than my share, of course I usually wind up throwing the entire shaker over my shoulder. but I digress…. I have no idea what I’m talking about.

    Have a happy new year. expect the worst and hope for the best, that’s my philosophy. that way you will never be disappointed.


    • Charles. LOL =) I think you have a very good idea of what you are talking about – and that you purposely chuck that shaker of salt whenever you get the chance. ;) I’m on to you! LOL

      I am expecting nothing… and hoping for the best.

      I hope you have a great 2010 too… with minimal disappointments.

  2. I love this, thanks for sharing! “Don’t Look Down” – great words to live by.

  3. Gads, I wasn’t looking down until you told me not to! Throw me a rope already! ;-) Hmmm…maybe this calls for closed eyes and a leap of faith? Wishing you incredible moments that fill the upcoming year!

    • Jaymie… LoL… so – you are one of those rebels who has to do whatever you’re told not to? ? ;) me too! LOL. I’m not good at leaps of faith… but, am working on it. Thanks for the well wishes.. Same to you! =)

  4. was nice to read this on New Years…keep moving forward…looking down…slows our journey…

    Happy new year…may your feet not get burnt and your skies be blue…smiles

    • summerrain –
      thank you… so glad you liked this… and, I hope your feet also stay cool… and, your skies… beautiful… or… filled with summerrain… I supose some summerrain would help to accomplish both goals nicely… ;)

  5. Wonderful poetry, as usual! Your verse draws my breath, its like a glorified message that speaks out through the dark, an act of supreme guidance…

  6. Very nice, your writing intregues me I will continue to visit…Thank you for sharing your talent of writing with us.

  7. sam… the energy of this piece is fire red as are the coals you so describe… fire red and strong… very powerful…

  8. One keeps on going, enduring, and not revealing the extent of pain or injury–or like a tightrope walker has to keep on going to the other side no matter what distractions there are all around.
    ‘don’t look down’

    • 47WB – yes.. “keep your eyes on the prize” kinda thing… sometimes.. stopping to feel the pain just makes us sink into it more, like quick-sand.
      You keep looking up too.. and inspiring others to do so too.. You’re good at that. =)

  9. Thank you so much guys. =) I will respond more appropriately to you as soon as I get a chance… Your comments, as always, give me much to think about, and also flatter me. Thank you. =)

  10. Parts here work (and when they do–the work well); parts here don’t (and that’s just being nitpicky). Overall, lovely piece. You showcase a raw talent. I think you’d fair well in an online community. is an amazing community. They’ve refined what little talent I have into a pretty nice hunk of jewelry–nothing to gawk at mind you, but it’s still getting polished so just be patient.

  11. hey… thanks. =) I will have to check out the link! =)

  12. Sometimes curiosity makes us to look down and look back. Nice write!!

  13. Neilina – this is true.. I think, looking out of curiosity, and not fear, may be a different story all together… perhaps, sometimes with the same end result though… depending on how you take in what you see!
    Thanks for the visit and comments! =)

  14. Nicely written Samantha..i see ‘Belief’ in your write-up. Hope is also there..Good one. Cheers :)

  15. Girish –
    Thanks for visiting and your comments. Hope and Belief… not always easy to come by… but, yes.. . they are there.. and grow stronger if we can focus on them, and not the fear and doubt. Don’t look down.. and have a good day.

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