Better Not To Believe

You think I should believe in something?
Well I do,
I do believe.
I believe sometimes it’s better,
Better not to believe.

Well, here comes another fairytale,
With another happy ending.
And there goes another broken heart,
Shattered dreams in need of mending.
I see your busy once again, busy kissing frogs.
Looking for your Mr. Right somewhere up in the clouds.
And just when you think you’ve found your prince,
And you’re right where you belong,
You look around, what have you found? 
Your picket fence is crumbling down.
And you realize all along,
You’ve been playing house for seven years,
with just another Mr. Wrong.

Fantasy and reality, in your head collide.
False hopes and make believe are soothing to the mind.
They help you set your sights up high, on that carrot in the sky.
So busy reaching for that ever elusive prize,
You won’t even notice the real deal when it passes you on by.
When delusions are the inspiration,
For what you want to be,
Then, I do believe it’s better,
Better not to believe.

Well, here comes another master,
With another master plan.
Telling you just what you should do,
If you know what’s good for you.
I see your busy once again, busy running scared.
Buying into fallacies, hoping for your just rewards.
And when you think you’ve found salvation,
And your sin of being human is forgiven,
Your weary eyes, start to recognize,
The halo’s just pretend.
You feel despair set in.
You’ve nothing left to sacrifice,
yet there’s still no peace within.

Fantasy and reality, in your head collide.
Power games and brainwashing, make for a heavy ride.
Ingrained fears and robotic years help you live a lie.
So busy playing by their rules, you let them run your life.
You’ve forsaken all that you once were,
in the name of perceived right.
When guilt and fear are the foundation,
For all that you conceive,
Then, I do believe it’s better,
Better not to believe.

Well, here comes another critic,
Jury and executioner in tow.
And there goes some condemnation,
Flip the switch, enjoy the show.
I see your busy once again, busy standing tall.
Feeling proud, looking down. Think you’re better than them all.
And just when you’re feeling so vindicated,
So eager to make the guilty pay,
You catch a glimpse, of the apocalypse,
In the reflection of your eyes.
And you have to look away,
You don’t want to see the sin, that lies within,
your hypocritical display.

Fantasy and reality, in your head collide.
The divide between black and white can be a fine hairline.
Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who told you to decide?
Your self-appointed righteousness only renders you blind.
You’ve become one of them. There’s no honor in foolish pride.
When judgment and retaliation,
Won’t allow forgiveness or reprieve,
Then, I do believe it’s better,
Better not to believe.

You think I should believe in something?
Well I do,
I do believe.
I believe sometimes it’s better,
Better not to believe.


Jet – Come On Come On

24 Comments to “Better Not To Believe”

  1. I hear a blues guitar riff in the background. This makes me sad because sometimes it is true. It’s difficult to find paths worthy of investment of heart and soul.

  2. I love two part poems intertwined!

  3. its too bad this isn’t like myspce and i can leave you little picture comments. i can make a bunny though.

    ( o )

  4. well he’s a little crooked, but it’s the thought that counts.

  5. “Lift not the painted veil?” Not here.

    Seems to be an acknowledgment, or a nod to authenticity that often comes too late for most.

    However, what makes the speaker’s position superior? A state of paralysis doesn’t seem any more desirable than a state of hypocritical denial.

    Reality has a way of bursting like a bubble, no matter what you belief. I say,
    “Best blow lots of bubbles!!!”

  6. Jaymie –
    thanks for commenting. And yes, it can be a bit of a downer, I suppose, but, you’ll notice it says, “WHEN” blah blah blah… and “SOMETIMES” it’s better. Because, we all need to believe in SOMEthing. or some things.. don’t we? And, yes… it needs some kind of riff… doesn’t it? might need to change it a lil… but, it’s definitely destined for some music to go with it…

    Chris –
    thanks for the visit and nod. glad you liked it. =)

    Charles –
    ?? LOL ?? I’m not sure WHY you’re giving me a bunny.. ??? but, I LOVE it! So, thanks! LOL

    Ben – Hello and welcome. Thanks for commenting and letting me know you stopped by. I appreciate your take on this… and, want to note that my “position” expressed in this poem was not meant to be superior to anything, nor to promote total DISbelief in ALL things… just.. maybe, to be a bit more discerning with it. I do like your bubble theory. Bubbles are good. Unless they pop in your eye! LOL But, you’re right.. even that never stopped me from blowing more of them once the soap stopped stinging and I could see again. I did, maybe, squint more, though… ;)

  7. I like this. Seems good for a song possibly. It reminds me of my younger days when I would pick people that were just awful for me, but I would never see it in the beginning. Only once I was all enter-twined in the depths of a relationship would the OTHER side of the person come out. Co-dependency is so wonderful. ha ha. BTW. I added some more songs on my blog.

  8. Wow, what powerful words here!

    “You think I should believe in something? Well I do, I do believe.I believe sometimes it’s better, Better not to believe.”

    I’ve felt that way many times; off again, on again, so to speak. You express what many positive thinkers feel but decline to say aloud, I applaud youf or that! I love your writing, as it in some ways reminds me of my own…a tad, yet it’s coming at me from someone else, which makes it much better.

    Love your blog; I shall visit often!

    Peace, Light and Love to you and yours,


  9. yeah but i keep having to learn it the hard way, how belief was the original sin

    only wee ‘fault’ i find here is a superfluous word in the next to last line – “sometimes”


  10. This one is extraordinary unique. And this one is one of my favourite :)

  11. dakasky – hmmm.. you do that too? I think, that probably happens to the best of us. Co-dependency is tricky… at the moment, I hate it. We like to think we are so independent, don’t we? but, how many of us actually are??

    CordieB – well thank you very much… but, it does make it easier to post things – when I can do it undercover as SamIam. ;) It always amazes & thrills me when at least a few people agree or “get” where I’m coming from. So thank you.. and, I’m loving your blog also. So glad we’ve “met”.

    L.M. – Oh.. we do just like to do things the hard way, don’t we?? ;) I hear that. And, “superfluous” huh? Yes, I think, that is an ongoing problem of mine. Not sure how to stop my superfluous brain sometimes… ;)

    nelina – really? why thank you! so glad you liked it.

  12. uhh… amazing!

    • Vegandryan – welcome ! I’m glad you found this.. and liked it. =) thanks for visiting and letting me know you were here. Stop back anytime. I’ll be looking forward to reading more on your blog as well….

  13. Hi Sam or not Sam, I’ve dropped in and looked around before but never read this one, so thanks for sharing the link. I can see and feel your viewpoint quite clearly. I’ve written other poems also on this inner and outer struggle, but would have to go searching for them myself in order to share the links to them. Suffice it to say, sometimes …

  14. What’s sad about this is the majority of what you’ve written is true in this age and yet, I think that gives the poem a spark, some how. This is an amazing poem and your writing is absolutely wonderful, no exaggeration.

  15. Amen to that! Bravo. Well done … Thanks for the link. :-)

    • thank you… I think, this one is not a favorite of many. so, thank you for finding and reading this… It is one that I started writing, and couldn’t stop until I got it all out….

  16. A haunting challenge…what do we believe in…especially if Love falls by the wayside

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