Flame Dance

Two flames dance into the night
One steps to the left, the other leaps right
Winds of change provide food for flight
No way of knowing what sparks may ignite

Separating… merging… as if on cue
Dressed in golds and red-hot blues
Tempestuous, breath-taking, move after move
No plan, no rehearsal… It’s die or do

Each step, each flame, fueled by desire
She builds him up, he lifts her higher
Mesmerized gazes wonder what will transpire
Will they simply burn out?
or spread like wildfire?

breathe in…. 
          step left….
breathe out…. 
           leap higher

                      breathe in…. 
                             burn out….
                       breathe in…. 
                              burn brighter



43 Responses to “Flame Dance”

  1. Great poem…especially the ending.

  2. a man once said it is better to burn out than fade away…i say stoke that fire even higher…nice verse

    • yes.. a few men… and a few bands have said that.. but, as Neil was also quick to point out – “once you’re gone, you can’t come back”…. so, maybe shouldn’t be so quick to burn out.. ;) Thanks for the visit and comment, brian.

  3. burn brighter… very nice. Thanks for sharing. Heartspell

  4. Magnificant poetry……

    loved it :D

    this is my link :




    This is JINGLE’s link :


    • Thanks Dancing Freak. =) I really appreciate the nomination… unfortunately, I sorta suck at following rules and doing the contest things.. but, I still appreciate it and am glad you liked this. =)

  5. simply cool!
    love the playfulness and wit in your poem…

    • thanks Jingle. I’m glad you caught that… I have trouble being too serious and usually wind throwing some sarcasm and or humor into almost everything… sort of like in real life. ;)

  6. what a sensual depiction… great poem!

  7. I love this poem well penned.

  8. Rythmic. Breath-like and musical.
    Well done.

    • hernamewasslaughter.. (ok… what kind of name is that anyway?? lol)… thank you for the visit and comment. I sometimes write lyrics (or try to) – and I think many of my poems secretly wish they were songs… ;)

  9. Please return favors to poets who were here,
    Thank you in advance…
    everyone needs encouragement…
    Happy Friday!

    I have sent this to every poet in my list.

    • Jingle – thanks for the visit… and I appreciate the invite to participate in your Thursdays Poet rally. I’m not sure I have the time right now to do so, though – but will check it out when I can. Even if I don’t participtate, thank you in advance for sending readers my way. I always respond to comments, and check out blogs of visitors, and comment on anything that moves me. I don’t always have the time to do it as much, or as quickly, as I’d like to… but, I do eventually. I am not good at “drive bys” though. I need to be able to really read what I’m commenting on… and, I appreciate comments from people who do the same.

      Thanks again – and have a great day.

  10. Great rhythm… indeed a beautifully energized poem

  11. Yay rhymes, from one fellow rhymer to another i would just like to say hello, keep up the good work. and i humbly look forward to your other works.

    • thanks shoelessboywonder (and yet ANOTHER great name lol!) – I use to always write in rhymes…. and then branched out a little… but, tend to fall back on it… I just like to rhyme… sometimes… ;)

  12. Wow, enjoyed this… a super read, and the rhyming was excellent.. It sort of tuned into the tango! :-)

    • DL – LOL… the Tango?! Ha! I can see it.. you’re right… those flames with roses in their teeth…
      Good to see you DL.. and thanks for the read. =)

  13. Well done, I look forward to reading more

  14. wonderful:) i love the play of words

  15. Great poem with amazing imagery. I am truly happy to have discovered you through Jingles Poet of June. Breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Good God! This was titillating to the senses… a fantastic play of words.. and the rhyme and rhythm was too good! I guess I will always think of this poem whenever I see dancing flames next time on..
    Thanks for sharing…

  17. Enjoyed…fire is so multi-dimensional…fire at night so beautiful…and you ask the most important question…how to keep it burning.


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