Shadow Talk

I’m not ready
to talk about you just yet
or the fact that your gone
but not really gone.

I can’t summon words,
dark or remorseful enough,
that express this, or allow
undeserved escape

from questions suppressed
in fear of answers that may be
too difficult to face.
Like fabled sea monsters
that might lurk below
in shadows, they grow.

~ smj

Collective Soul – In Between

13 Comments to “Shadow Talk”

  1. A very thought provoking verse.

  2. Wow, especially that last image with sea monsters.

  3. I hate to let go of things or people or animals….but irregardless of the sea monsters…I dont like anything lurking in shadows….

    nice write…

    • Hi Summer =). It’s good to “see” you here, and hear your thoughts. I agree. Things lurking in shadows are not good… but, sometimes, they still luck anyway…

  4. Shadow talk is amazing. After reading, my mind went to your words journey. You’re so talented! Loved it!

  5. Deep emotional words, sometimes it’s just hard! You express so well!

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